Mike Evans Photography

Barbados based amateur photographer, mainly focusing on landscapes but expanding into areas that become an interest

Hi, my name is Michael Evans and I live in Barbados.  

Like most people, I have owned a camera throughout my life. In the early days there was the Instamatic film camera, with which, no matter how hard I tried, I could never consistently get decent photos. I had more joy with my first 'real' film camera, a Minolta, which I used to take baby pictures of my children. As the children grew, however, the camera was abandoned for duties as a sports coach, and of course, taxi driver!

I started taking photography seriously 4 years ago, with children grown up and self-sufficient, I found myself with time on my hands and felt it was time to get stuck in with a "hobby", something that would stretch my abilities, get me out of the house, the office and keep me active.

Whilst my background in IT, for 37 odd years, provided little scope for artistic expression, my experience as a scuba diver was the inspiration for my starting point, the coastline of Barbados. The beauty of our beaches is well known and photos of our popular tourist beaches abound, but it is the little known, less accessible coves and bays that I wanted to highlight. As time went on I have expanded my reach into other areas, mostly within Barbados but where opportunities presented themselves also in other countries. Overseas business trips now have multiple agendas.  I also focus more on sporting events and candid portraits, but I have realized that I have to develop new skills, so I do delve into other projects that are of interest to me.  


All images contained on this site are subject to international copyright laws and remain the property of Mike Evans at all times.


       NIFCA 2015 - 1 Gold Award ("Mystery"), 1 Silver Award ("The Mill")

       Best Digital Photograph.

Laid low for a while and then entered NIFCA again in 2019.  

       NIFCA 2019 - 4 Bronze Awards and a special Training award.

Featured in 'Living' magazine, "Caribbean Beat", and the Barbados 'Polo' magazine.

Telephone #: +1 246 230-8709